Food for Thought: Talking About Taste in Advertising

According to Health World,, memories can actually affect taste. Recalling a positive memory about eating a certain food can make a present experience more enjoyable. Since advertisers build memories around their brands (what we call “branded memories”), demonstrating a product’s tastiness is an important component to any food and beverage advertising. But is it enough to just communicate good taste?

We looked at how various claims to taste were measured and found that purchase intent and consumption operate independently as they relate to taste claims. To build a strategy around taste, brand advertising may need a two-pronged approach – one to get a foot in the door and another to keep the consumer coming back for more. Does your brand need to grow by introducing new consumers or by tapping further into your current brand fans?Identify where your brand life cycle is in regards to advertising intent then, take note of the tips below.


Adam Page is an Associate Research and Analytics Director at Ameritest. 
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