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What Marketers Can Learn About Brand Building From Disney Pixar’s, “Inside Out”

Inspiration for marketers can come from surprising sources. As our kids kick off their summer break and we seek ways to spend that extra time with them, what better place to gain insights into the marketing world than from one … Continue reading

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Memory Decay & Advertising

The images that we remember twenty minutes after seeing an ad, the ones in short-term memory, are not necessarily the ones we remember the next day, or weeks, or months after seeing an ad. Memories decay over time, though not … Continue reading

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Ad Duration & Memory Formation

One of the ways to think about how an audience watches TV commercials is to think of viewers as consuming information. It is a back and forth process. The consumer bites off a chunk of information, chews it, and digests … Continue reading

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Do :15 ads leave viewers wanting more?

Over the past year we’ve seen many of our clients rely more heavily on :15’s in their media lineup. For example, in the QSR category in 2010 nearly half of the media buy consisted of :15’s.  While digging into our … Continue reading

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