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The Power of the Montage

Scott McCloud, author of “Making Comics” and “Understanding Comics” says, “When part of a sequence, even a sequence of only two, the art of the image is turned into something more.” In the world of advertising, this ‘something more’ is … Continue reading

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In Making a Story

When I began my career in communications and brand research, I thought of my previous careers as trunks to be stored away in the mind’s attic—perhaps pulled out in a far-distant future when I had time for reflection, meandering beach … Continue reading

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“A Memorable Impression: How to create brand memories in advertising”

In the June 2017 article for Quirk’s Media, Ameritest CEO, Chuck Young, delves into how marketers can sell to the “three brains” of the consumer: Physical, Emotional and Conceptual. You can read it here:

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Need a snapshot of your banner ad performance? Take a BannerSnap!

Ameritest is proud to introduce BannerSnap, a fully automated banner ad pre-test designed to meet the fast timelines and strict budgets of most digital campaigns. BannerSnap measures ad performance in a controlled environment that mimics the actual consumer experience, while … Continue reading

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What Advertisers Learned From A Little Monkey

Imagine, if you will, a thick hamburger patty being pulled off a sizzling grill and laid on a freshly toasted bun. Cheese slowly melts on the patty while it’s topped with lettuce, tomato and secret sauce drips as the top … Continue reading

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ChefSteps Visits Albuquerque

We were fortunate enough to have Grant Cilly of ChefSteps visit us in Albuquerque. It’s worth a minute (or a few hours) to visit the ChefSteps website. They make the process of cooking and the finished product look and feel like art, … Continue reading

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