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Completing the Picture – Part III: Experiencer Self vs. Remembered Self

If you haven’t already, please read Parts I and II of¬†Completing the Picture¬†before joining us here for Part III. In the second half of his book, Kahneman tells a story about someone who listens to a recording of a long, … Continue reading

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Positioning and Brand Image

The mind of the consumer can be thought of as being continuously engaged in the process of defining the self and orienting it with respect to the outside world. A brand’s image is constructed in relationship to the consumer’s concept … Continue reading

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Science in the Creative Kitchen

March 7 marks a long awaited publishing event for me. On that day Amazon begins shipping the cookbook, Modernist Cuisine, which is a six volume tour-de-force of extraordinary photography and engaging writing that explains the science behind that most multi-sensory … Continue reading

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